Fertipar Group


Fertipar Group started its history in 1980, supplying fertilizers for all crops and the best services for the growers. Through serious work and commitment to the client, the Group has been adding value and contributing to the development of the agribusiness in Brazil.

Through its 12 companies, Fertipar Group is present in all the main agricultural regions in Brazil, always aiming to understand the needs and singularities of each client and to offer the best and the most innovative solutions with constant investments in people, equipment and infrastructure, respecting the growers and the environment.


Fertipar Group values the excellence and the quality of its products and services. The close relationship with customers and suppliers is based on ethics, trust, integrity, commitment and respect.

These are the principles expected from and practiced by our employees, a living part of our culture and history.

Fertipar Group is proud of the partnerships established through the years, always supported in core values such as simplicity, seriousness and professionalism.